Our Funds

Establishing a fund with the foundation is a quick, easy, and effective way to invest in the future of your community. There are many flexible fund options to choose from. Your fund may be endowed or non-endowed.

Types of Funds

Designated Fund
Designated funds allow you to provide continued or one-time support to one or more specifically named non-profit organizations. The process is simple: You choose the organizations, and over time, we issue grants made in your name.

Field-of Interest Fund
Are you passionate about the local art scene, human services or the environment? Spread your giving around a broad charitable purpose or pinpoint it to a specific geographic area to create a legacy for the causes and communities that matter to you.

Donor Advised Fund
This fund offers many of the advantages of a private foundation but with greater tax benefit, fewer restrictions and minimal administrative headaches. You can participate directly in the grantmaking process by recommending annual grants to causes you care about.

Nonprofit Endowment Fund
Non-profit endowments work by channeling charitable gifts into a single investment fund that builds over time. A non-profit organization’s endowment will generate earnings that contribute annual income — today and for years to come.

Scholarship Funds
Your gift can create a scholarship fund that benefits graduates of a high school of your choice, students majoring in a particular subject, or students with specific needs or plans that you want to help.

Any of the above funds can be used to honor the memory of a loved one.

Community Partners Fund
Looking to help support general community needs? A gift to our Unrestricted Community Partners Fund is one of the most flexible ways to give since it allows the foundation to identify and support local organizations that are addressing important community needs and that enrich our quality of life.

Foundation Builders Fund
Or, you may wish to contribute to our
which recognizes your support for the growth of the community foundation.  Your donation will help us grow and support our work of encouraging and supporting philanthropy and responding to community needs, not just today but tomorrow, next year, and 10-50 years from now.


Q: How do you decide what to do with the donations? Our donors guide our giving. We are also able to assist donors better understand and respond to changing needs in our community.  Disbursements from the funds fulfill donors’ charitable passions through grants made to nonprofit organizations.

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Imagine what it would feel like to know that your life will have an ongoing impact in our community—today, and long after you’re no longer here? Maybe you’ve always hoped to somehow play a part in making real progress in preserving the environment. Maybe you desire to help support the arts in our community. Maybe it’s community history, scholarships, or youth issues that are close to your heart. Do you dream of making a real impact in this community, one day? Stop dreaming. That day is today.